Frozen Windows On Other People’s Cars

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The Lady of Liberty

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Statue o l

Early Spring, Early Morning

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Some of my colleagues at work shared this with me.

It’s a really well designed interactive.The user is able to figure it out without any directions and it has a visual prize if you stick with it.

6 Year Old Photoshop

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My almost 7 year old daughter made this in Photoshop today. She titled it:

A rainbow bear

falls in love

with a rainbow butterfly

in a furniture store.


Back and Forth

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I was in New Orleans and we were walking down the street and saw this on a wall. At first glance it seems like a lame inspiring message. Then I thought about it some more.

Life isn’t a story … I’m living it.

The story is the interpretation of of my life.

I can make it great if I pay more attention to the people, ideas, and work all around me.

So here’s to a lame inspiring message for actually inspiring me!

Here, here!

Raking Service

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Raking Service.jpgI found this sign on my street. My favorite thing about it is their commitment to using a single sheet of paper. You can see these young entrepreneurs changed their mind a few times about what they wanted to write, some words are upside down and scribbled out and you can see others peeking though on the other side.

After all that hard work I hope someone gave them a call!