American Craft Brew Week

American Craft Brew Week started on Monday. National Homebrew day was just a little while ago on May 2nd. If you live near a smaller brewery I suggest going down there to enjoy some wonderful beer. I am sure you would be surprised to know that you probably live near a small craft brewery. Check out this really cheezy video made by the wonderful Stone Brew Co.

I did celebrate a bit for National Home Brew Day, maybe not exactly not on the day specifically but well around it. Right now I have two batches of English Pale Ale that are in bottles and carbonating as we type, and a batch of KegeratorRed Bitter that is in its second stage of fermentation. The Red Bitter is going to be the very first batch of mine that goes into my brand new, homemade kegerator!

Very exciting.

Those two batches of English Pale Ale are also going towards the first brewing competition that my brewmate (and roommate) Josh and I are entering. We made two so that we can enter the one that tastes better. It seems like this is a homebrew day of brand new things. We also used 5 gallons of maple sap instead of water for the first batch of the EPA. It is supposed to add a mild but interesting flavor. Lets hope that it tastes like wonderful to the judges.


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