Breakfast Recipe

For a while now I have been usually eating oatmeal for breakfast. I will bring a big bag of whole oats to leave in my desk and make them in the morning when I get to work.

I like eating the whole oats as opposed to quick oats. Since I just pour boiling water over them they don’t end up cooking all the way and stay a little chewy. Mmmmm. Eventually though… plain oatmeal was getting a little boring. I started eating more egg sandwiches for breakfast and less oatmeal.

Then I noticed that my friend at work was putting raisins into oatmeal that he was making. Eureka! I started putting cranberries into mine. I was hooked again.

Then this morning, my girlfriend gave me sliced almonds to put into my oatmeal with the cranberries. I think I have found the perfect combination for a work breakfast of oatmeal.

For now anyways…

So try it!


3 Responses to “Breakfast Recipe”

  1. shoddiness Says:

    Whoever that friend of yours was that put raisins in his oatmeal must have been some kind of genius!

  2. pbft, chump.. you’ve gone your whole life without raisins in your oatmeal?? as a child, i ONLY ate my oatmeal when it had raisins or bacon crumpled in it.
    here’s how i eat mine, which when i’m playing teacher, is everyday: whole oats (it sounds as if we both like them a bit chewy. i don’t like mine ‘fully’ cooked either) with cashew, almonds, and it was once raisins, but now it’s cranberries and golden raisins! with cinnamon.

  3. […] Normally in the morning when I get to work I like to make some breakfast. I keep the aforementioned oatmeal in my desk with some cranberries and some sliced almonds. This sounds a lot more […]

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