I don’t understand the mass appeal of Twitter. Why would the average person feel the need to write up to 140 characters of seemingly random information?

I do understand it in certain circumstances. For instance, if you work in an office and everyone needs to keep informed of what their coworkers are up to. Or if you do something really awesome (this is subjective) that the public wants to know about, like being NASA and getting ready to go to space or a favorite writer giving updates on the next book. Maybe even if you are about to do something bad and you feel like getting caught.

Although, as I write this and think about more and more uses for it, it seems to begin to make sense. I guess I don’t have anything important enough for me to announce to my “followers” that can be expressed in short form. Who knows, I felt the same way about having a blog until I started one…


3 Responses to “Twitter”

  1. twitter doesn’t really make sense till you start doing it, and even then it doesn’t really make sense. but you tweet anyway, and make sense of it all later.

  2. i probably look like a lame-o for bombarding your blog with so many comments in less than 5 minutes time.. but i couldn’t pass up this post without sharing a twitter account that i believe (aside from ‘practical’ uses) embodies what twittering should be used for:

    -Hey apple, just because you are named “Red Delicious” doesn’t necessarily make it so. A little humility, please.
    11:40 AM May 29th from web

    • Red Delicious apples suck. They are my least favorite and I never understood why they were always around. I recently found a guide to apples stating how good they were for 4 different categories, baking, sauce, pie and eating. Red Delicious’ best score was “good”.

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