Lord Vader

I was listening to NPR on the radio the other day and they had a story about the new “Night at the Museum” film. It takes place in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. They have all sorts of thing coming to life in the museum and one of them happens to be Darth Vader.

Me and the big guy have a checkered past. Twice I tried to download the Imperial March to have as my ring tone and it didn’t work.

Anyways, I guess the people from Lucas Films wanted to make sure that he was portrayed properly. So they sent a representative to make sure that he behaves himself. Apparently this person was glued to Vader. She would go everywhere with him. If the director wanted him to do something they would have to check with her. If she didn’t like it (I picture standing with her arms crossed and saying it calmly but stern) “Lord Vader wouldn’t do that.”

You can listen to the story here.


3 Responses to “Lord Vader”

  1. ratherchildish Says:

    Lucas should’ve paid someone to stand over HIS shoulder while he was making episodes I, II, and III.

    I imagine it going something like this

    “No George. Star Wars doesn’t do that. Or that. Or that. Definitely not that. As a matter of fact, you’re fired.”

  2. Ahh… all the what if’s that would have made so many people so happy…

    I wonder if he is even aware of how bad a job he did? Does he judge his success on the fact that people still went to see it?

    • ratherchildish Says:

      Lucas loves to proclaim that he’s not making movies to please anyone else but himself. I call B.S. on that. He knows down deep that they sucked. And if he didn’t know it then, he must surely know it now that the new Star Trek has arrived.

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