Old Mining Town

IMG_0136The town that I live in used to be a mining town. They haven’t actually worked it in about 100 years. Apparently the whole area as part of the mine though so there are all these places where people used to go in.

This 1st picture is a bridge that used to be an old entrance to the mine. It is a pretty cool place to go even though it is run down and dangerous. When I went there to take these pictures though they were doing what looked like some reconstruction work on it. Perhaps they are fixing the roof. You can see the scaffolding of sorts that they had affixed to the side of the structure. I love how this bridge is going into the side of the cliff.

IMG_0135It is pretty cool inside too. The 2nd picture is taken from just inside the door (The door is actually really awesome on its own. It is this huge metal thing, probably about 10 feet high, that can be secured from the inside with a huge bent screw that is attached.) I wish I had opened the door to get a little more light in the foreground as I had closed it right before taking this picture. Basically a lot of the roof is on the floor since it collapsed and there is also a hole in the floor. It is definitely meant to be there, I guess to bring water up from below as there are tracks in the cement walls just below the hole. There are a lot of plants growing inside and all the beer cans had been cleaned up since the last time I was there. Maybe the construction guys did it…? Suprisingly there isn’t as much spray paint on the walls as you would think. Nothing even interesting enough to take a picture of.


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