Brewing Competition

So my brewmate and I entered our very first brewing competition this past weekend. I wasn’t expecting to win but was very disappointed with the whole thing. It was an all you can eat BBQ with all you can drink beer and whisky from lots of smaller breweries and all you had to do was pay the $65 entrance fee and, oh yeah … let’s have a brewing competition as an afterthought. There were three styles of beer that you were allowed to enter. English/American Pale Ale, American/German Pilsner and American/German Weissbier (Wheat beer).

The beer we made was an English Pale Ale and we substituted Maple Sap for the water. That was a lot of fun. I came across the maple sap when I took my nephew to see a maple syrup operation. We went around watching the sap drip out of the trees and they showed us the big condenser that turns the sap into syrup. I asked the guy if they sold the sap since I knew you could make beer out of it and he said no. Then about 5 minutes later he told me that he would just give some to me! I returned a few days later with my big glass jug and found that he had left me 5 gallons of the stuff. Talk about a nice guy.

So we made the beer and it turned out to be good but nothing too special. It is something that I will definitely try again.

They told us we had to be there the whole time to enter the brewing competition, from Noon to 5. I have learned a few things from this experience. Don’t expect them to know what they are doing. We brought two 22s of our “Lizzies Maple Ale” in a bag and when we walked in they told us that the band would let us know when they wanted to take our beer. This means that everyone who brought beer and didn’t bring a cooler for it was left holding it (pretty much just us). We left it in the shade under our table and I am sure that didn’t help us in regards to making it taste its best.

At around 2:30 they came and told everyone that they would take the beer from us now and put it on ice for the judges. Why couldn’t they take it at the beginning? At least they had three notable judges. Finally at about 4:30 they said they were announcing the winners of the competition. Now wait a second, since there were three categories that people could enter into the competition, it would follow that there are probably three awards. So we stood around as they announced the overall winner (not us) … and then they all walked away.

And then we did too.


2 Responses to “Brewing Competition”

  1. This sounds horribly disappointing! I’m so sorry Aaron!

    ps- when do i get to try some of the beer?

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