Cry Over Spilled Milk

Normally in the morning when I get to work I like to make some breakfast. I keep the aforementioned oatmeal in my desk with some cranberries and some sliced almonds. This sounds a lot more complicated than I normally like things but we will put that behind us.

Usually while the water is boiling I look at things on the wall, wander around, think about what I need to do for the day, etc. This morning I decided to look inside the refrigerator as yesterday, it seemed to be fuller than normal. Normally it doesn’t fill up until people begin to come into the office and bring their lunch to put in the fridge. Since I am one of the first people here I would expect it to be mostly empty. It wasn’t… duhn dhun DHUNNNN!

Not only was it full, but I half-sensed some half-terrible smell lingering inside. There were a bunch of opened soda bottles taking up a lot of space and wait… what is that? Behind all the soda there was a plastic gallon of milk that had something inside it. There was no top on it and whatever was inside seemed to be a mixture (in the scientific sense, as opposed to a solution).

When I pulled it out and looked down into the hole it looked like messy, white, cake frosting. About an inch and a half deep. The reason it didn’t smell is because there was so much solid matter separating the rotting milk from my nose. To top it off, it expired on May 20th. 35 days ago…

I really wanted to take a picture but there was no way that I could portray how vile it looked. The only thing I could do was to wrap a plastic bag around it and throw it in the dumpster outside. I thought about pouring it in the sink but it would have been impossible to make the solid part go down the drain. The only way to accurately pass on this experience is to write a story about it.

Now you know too.


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