Worlds Ugliest Dog

This years ugliest dog happens to be named Pabst … is it a coincidence that there is a brand of beer by the same name?


One Response to “Worlds Ugliest Dog”

  1. First time I had a beer that I actually liked it was probably about 1972 or so. I was 15 and mowing a neighbor’s lawn on a day where the temp was about a billion degrees. The guy across the street, a few years older than me, came walking across the street and offered me a PBR . . so ice cold the sweat was dripping off of it. With sweat dripping off me in earnest, sounded mighty good. That first sip had me hooked. I was a Blue Ribbon fan for many years, even when it was out of vogue. A hot day still reminds me of Pabst Blue Ribon.

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