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Transportation Issues

Posted in Travel with tags , on July 28, 2009 by Aaron

Normally I like to take the train to work. Lately I have been driving due to the extended hours that I have been spending there. Yesterday it felt like my tire exploded.

I wish it was the tire. When I pulled over and walked around the car to fix it I was really surprised to see an intact tire. Nothing was draging beneath the car or even visibly wrong. I drove it a little more and it felt like my front passenger wheel was about to fall off. Then while I was driving about 10 mph, to get to a safer place to leave the car, the brake seized up on that tire and screeched like I was slamming to a halt from 50 mph. I was still moving though at a snails pace. Of course the woman walking her dog started staring at me like I was some kind of jerk for driving like a jerk through her jerkless neighborhood.

Then I walked to the tow place (just like the good old days) and got my car to a shop. Any ideas about what might have happened before I hear back from the mechanic?


Mr. President

Posted in Random Musings with tags , , , , , on July 19, 2009 by Aaron

I have noticed something. Sometimes when I am listening to the radio or checking the news I hear people refer to the President of the United States as Mr. Obama. I thought that once you became the president that for the rest of your life you were either Mr. President or President whatever-your-name-is. I don’t ever remember hearing either President Bush called Mr. Bush, or what about Mr. Clinton or Mr. Reagen?

I worry a bit that it is a race thing and people aren’t giving him the respect that his title implies. Perhaps it is only his rivals and non-supporters that call him that and I just don’t remember it happening with presidents past. Either way, I think it should be addressed.


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For some reason this doesn’t seem real to me.


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my lack of inspiration lately is causing this lack of proper puntuation captalization or even gramatically correct conditions i have been working too much but getting the job done since i got tired of going home going to bed only to wake and return to work i have been watching lots of cosmos and staying up too late just to make sure that my day was more than working sleeping and eating at the inbetween moments but now i havent posted in over a week and i am tired i wanted to make sure it got done i hope you are well and that your summer or winter if you are in the other hemisphere is progressing smoothly although i doubt that anyone in the other place is reading this and