my lack of inspiration lately is causing this lack of proper puntuation captalization or even gramatically correct conditions i have been working too much but getting the job done since i got tired of going home going to bed only to wake and return to work i have been watching lots of cosmos and staying up too late just to make sure that my day was more than working sleeping and eating at the inbetween moments but now i havent posted in over a week and i am tired i wanted to make sure it got done i hope you are well and that your summer or winter if you are in the other hemisphere is progressing smoothly although i doubt that anyone in the other place is reading this and


5 Responses to “inspiration”

  1. Aaron, one of my most favorite, if not the most, elements of this blog is your syntax.

    The new school year begins in a week. I told myself that I need to make a conscious effort not to melt and robotize. I’m brainstorming ways/activities that will help my students from falling, too. One of the things on my list is pen pals. Do you know a teacher w/85 7th grade students and 85 8th grade students who would be interested? No email allowed. Pen pals is a tactile experience.

    • I will see if I can find a teacher to hook you up with. Next week is week 4 of camp. Then I am finished. The only thing about pen pals is that school up here won’t start until September. Is that okay?

      • If you happen to remember during your hectic days, that would be superdeeduper!
        September, October…. any time during the school year will be fine.

      • I found one teacher who has 6th-8th graders and about 75 total I think? I will give him your email info and keep looking.

  2. P.s. my browser was still open to this page and i just noticed that the topic for the automatically generated suggestion for possibly related posts is: vaginas

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