Mr. President

I have noticed something. Sometimes when I am listening to the radio or checking the news I hear people refer to the President of the United States as Mr. Obama. I thought that once you became the president that for the rest of your life you were either Mr. President or President whatever-your-name-is. I don’t ever remember hearing either President Bush called Mr. Bush, or what about Mr. Clinton or Mr. Reagen?

I worry a bit that it is a race thing and people aren’t giving him the respect that his title implies. Perhaps it is only his rivals and non-supporters that call him that and I just don’t remember it happening with presidents past. Either way, I think it should be addressed.


3 Responses to “Mr. President”

  1. I remember people calling George W. Bush “Mr. Bush” when they believed he lost the election.

  2. This offends me. I’ve not paid attention to the u.s. news since I left in june; however, I return shortly and will keep an ear out for this. Leaving his title out would be intentional, and any editor that allows that to pass needs to reevaluate her judgement.

  3. i saw this and it made me think of you

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