Transportation Issues

Normally I like to take the train to work. Lately I have been driving due to the extended hours that I have been spending there. Yesterday it felt like my tire exploded.

I wish it was the tire. When I pulled over and walked around the car to fix it I was really surprised to see an intact tire. Nothing was draging beneath the car or even visibly wrong. I drove it a little more and it felt like my front passenger wheel was about to fall off. Then while I was driving about 10 mph, to get to a safer place to leave the car, the brake seized up on that tire and screeched like I was slamming to a halt from 50 mph. I was still moving though at a snails pace. Of course the woman walking her dog started staring at me like I was some kind of jerk for driving like a jerk through her jerkless neighborhood.

Then I walked to the tow place (just like the good old days) and got my car to a shop. Any ideas about what might have happened before I hear back from the mechanic?



3 Responses to “Transportation Issues”

  1. shoddiness Says:

    Seems like a broken tire rod or suspension, but all my car knowledge comes from Car Talk so don’t take my word for it-

  2. Jeff Langridge Says:

    Did it smell really bad before it seized or the whole time you were driving along? If so that tells you brakes. It could be your bearings seized up. I think your caliper is stuck to the rotor. The pads have probably worn off from the caliper sticking and have finally fallen off. the caliper could be grinding into the wheel thunking along and now with all of the heat from applying the brakes, finally seized.

    Good luck from NY.

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