Zom Com

I thought that I had coined a phrase yesterday. I was wrong… we were talking about how lately more zombie movies are more comedy than horror. For example: Shawn of the Dead, Fido, Poultrygeist, etc… I feel like serious zombie movies are way less common than their comedic counterparts.

They even outdid my Zom Com with Rom Zom Com.


Image taken from Shawn of the Dead


One Response to “Zom Com”

  1. Hi, I write, direct, and produce this growing comedic zombie web series called Zombie Hunter. While everyone else tries hard to actually prepare for Z-day, I spend my time creating insane zombie scenarios for the enjoyment of making others laugh.

    Zombie Hunter is a mockumentary that follows a self-acclaimed, and self-certified, and “professional” zombie hunter as he goes into infested territory, follows-up on leads, and exploits products designed to ensure survival during the crisis.

    Here is a link to the episodes:


    Right now the series has four insane episodes with plenty more on their way.

    It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out.

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