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RPG Gaming Dialogue Evolution

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Most of my gaming life I have been a fan of RPGs. Role Playing Games. This is a genre of games (like action, shooter, puzzle, etc.) that allows the player to take on a persona other than their own. I don’t want to think too much about the psychological implications of this but I do know it is fun. The best part about it is being something you are not, acting in a way that you wouldn’t in a place you can’t go. Some people can argue that this is dangerous and it teaches people that they can do all these “in game” things in the real world. Personally I think that any adult (I say adult because younger children can’t grasp the concepts of abstract ways of thinking of situations) who thinks they can act in a dangerous or hurtful way in real life “just like in that game” has more way more problems that need to be addressed.

That brings up the topic of sex/violence in films, advertising, video games and more. I don’t claim that I know any statistics but having been an avid gamer/horror fan and also knowing a lot of them, seeing fake violence does not = doing violence. For me there is at least some sort of filter in my brain that says that fake violence is okay while the real stuff isn’t. In fact, I am semi-disgusted when I see images that I know are real. You know those movies, Faces of Death? I got the first one thinking I would want to watch it and ended up turning it off after 5 mintues.

Okay, okay. You may be thinking that perhaps I can deal with it in a responsible way but not everyone can. Yes. I partially and conditionally agree. When I was watching these things and playing these games as a kid, I knew they were in my imagination. Thanks to my parents. Good parenting is the key to raising kids who know the difference between real and fake.

Situations where good parenting is more difficult due to social and economic “variables”  is an entirely different subject. No, I don’t think those kids shouldn’t be playing any less of these games or watching any less of these films. What they should have is a real person in their life who they can look up to who doesn’t have to deal with that intense stuff in their real life. When you see it in your games and movies and you see it out your window, that could be one place the line starts to blur.

Now that I have veered very far from the original intentions of this blog post I want to make a sharp turn and go back to the beginning. This article is an in depth look at the evolution of players choices in RPGs starting at the beginning. Check it out!

Black Holes Imagined

Posted in Space with tags , , , on November 25, 2009 by Aaron

This video is a pretty cool and recent look at Black Holes and what they might be, where they might go and more. It was produced by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It is a good look with pretty cool looking imaginings of what space and black holes look like. Enjoy!

Predictions of the 7 Wonders of the Solar System

Posted in Space with tags , , , , , , , on November 24, 2009 by Aaron

I stumbled across this post listing possible future wonders of the solar system. A lot of their really great ideas are based on current ideas in Science and Technology. Too bad I am alive now because I would really like to visit the Bio Gardens of Luna Maria…

Stickers Can Be Fun and Informative

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I was looking though some old posts on my friends blog and I found this out:

“As you probably know there are tiny stickers on almost all fruit; along with the bar code for check out, there is a number code.
A sticker with just four digits means the fruit was conventionally grown (think pesticides, herbicides, etc.) Some stickers have the country where the fruit was grown too.
Organic fruits have a five digit number beginning with a “9”.
Genetically Modified fruits begin with an “8”.
Therefore an organic banana would say 94011 while a genetically modified banana would say 84011.
And you thought you only had to read labels on packaged foods!”

I knew about organic produce beginning with a 9 but I had no idea about the “8”…. all my years working in the grocery store and it didn’t pay off… Bananas were the first code I memorized though and I have to say that she was right! 4011 is Bananas!

Most Expensive Bottle of Beer Ever

Posted in Beer and Wine with tags , , on November 13, 2009 by Aaron

This weekend an actual piece of beer history is for sale. Buy your very own relic from the Hindenburg Disaster… 1 singed bottle of beer. Not signed… singed… as in slightly burned.