Stickers Can Be Fun and Informative

I was looking though some old posts on my friends blog and I found this out:

“As you probably know there are tiny stickers on almost all fruit; along with the bar code for check out, there is a number code.
A sticker with just four digits means the fruit was conventionally grown (think pesticides, herbicides, etc.) Some stickers have the country where the fruit was grown too.
Organic fruits have a five digit number beginning with a “9”.
Genetically Modified fruits begin with an “8”.
Therefore an organic banana would say 94011 while a genetically modified banana would say 84011.
And you thought you only had to read labels on packaged foods!”

I knew about organic produce beginning with a 9 but I had no idea about the “8”…. all my years working in the grocery store and it didn’t pay off… Bananas were the first code I memorized though and I have to say that she was right! 4011 is Bananas!


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