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Buzz Aldrin (aka Doc Rendezvous) Space Rap

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This needs no introduction. It speaks for itself.

New Weaving

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I finished a new weaving the other day. There is a picture of it on the bottom of the weaving page along with a bunch of other stuff that I have made.  I think I might keep this one for myself. My plans for the next project is a cammo-like rag rug. We’ll see how that turns out.

Here is another picture of it:

You can click on it if you want…

Awesome Antarctica

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Here are some pictures of Antarctican Beasts. It is pretty awesome that so many creatures live in that climate. I have always wanted to go there… maybe I could be a scientist when I grow up.

More on Gaming Dialogue

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Here is a link to another article about another new game regarding Player vs. AI dialogue options. Sounds fun. Apparently they have something called Chatbot Technology which will help to defeat one of the last remaining challenges in game design. There is also a pretty short video on the article showing the technology in an interrogation in-progress in the new Sherlock Holmes game.

At this point though there are other sentient beings that I would like to have a conversation with. The foremost being my soon to be born daughter!

Mugabe Midnight

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This dry stout is really good. It has a thinner body than most stouts but the flavor is really awesome. Here is how we made it:

Mugabe Midnight

  • ~ 1/3 lb. Belgian Black Malt
  • ~1/3 Lb. US Roasted Non Malted Barley
  • ~1/4 lb. Briess American Wheat Malt
  • 2 Cans 3.31 lbs. Coopers Dark Malt Extract
  • 2 oz. Williamette Leaf Hops 5.4%
  • 1 oz. Yakima Magnum Hop Pellets 12.1%
  • 11 g. Dried Windsor Ale Yeast

Put two gallons of cold water along with all grain in a big pot and bring to a boil. Remove the grain just before it begins to boil. Add the Malt Extract and bring back to a boil. Slow boil it for an hour. For the whole boil add all the hops. Sparge when pouring it into the carboy. Aerate the Carboy for about three minutes once cool before adding the yeast.

Try it. Let me know what you think! We just drank the last bottle recently and it was good. I am almost out of homebrew, that means it is time to make more. Luckily my brand new stock pot is on the way and I have enough ingredients to make 2 more batches.

Upcoming beers: Scotch Ale and an IPA. One for the kegerator and one for the bottles… which one should go where? The question is important. The kegerated beer can only be shared by people at my house. The bottles can be shared elsewhere. This will take some thinking. Or I could call for a vote and do what you say. What do you think?

Beer Bath

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This would be weird…

Here is another video about the same exact place. I wonder how often people get asked if they can be videotaped there…

Richard Branson Unveils Spaceship Two

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I will say it again! If I only had $200,000 ……. Let’s break that down. If it is $200,000 for a 2 hour flight, then that means it is $100,000 per hour, rounding up makes it $1,666.67 per minute and $27.78 per second.

Check out this picture of the proposed spaceport (airport for space planes) to be built in New Mexico.