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Hair as an Identifying Characteristic … also … How To: Stencil

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Have you ever wanted a tee shirt that portrays a person just by showing their preferential hair style? Then this is the place for you! Chairman Mao, Carl Sagan, Andre the Giant and all your other favorite historical figures are depicted in two-tone!

See something you like? Get some spray paint and learn how to make a stencil!

Around the World

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This past weekend something futuristic happened. That is relatively speaking of course… Okay, enough of the bad wordplay that doesn’t make sense … yet.

I spoke with a friend in Germany and my brother in China at the same time. That is incredible. Not only were we able to communicate with barely noticeable lag considering the countries involved, but it was entirely free. When just two of us were on we used video but when the three of us were together we could only hear each other. Skype, the program that we used, is free to download and awesome to use.

There is nothing new about this technology. According to Wikipedia, the idea for this came almost simultaneously with the invention of the telephone in the late 1870’s. The first public videophone was made in Germany in 1936! I remember when I was a kid in the 80’s this technology being touted but never catching on…

Are we finally in the future? I don’t think I would need to call the pizza place to order a pizza with a video phone. The Easiest way might just a text from an application on my cell phone or an email would work for that. But the ability to talk to my brother in China, my sister in the UK, another brother in Canada, “hanging out” with a friend in Germany for a few hours, or showing off my soon-to-be born daughter to my parents is amazing. Now that our world is so small, what is the next thing to come closer … space?

Breakfast Taco’s

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I feel like it has been a long time since I have written about good things to eat. And recently watching the (not so good [in my opinion]) movie “Julie and Julia” doesn’t make me want to blog about food really, but I made these breakfast taco’s this weekend and they were mostly awesome. Before this weekend I hadn’t made them in a long time either so it is an apt parallel to bring them here. By the way, they were only “mostly” awesome because I used not the best salsa on them. More on that later.

I used to make these a lot when I lived in New York City. I would wake up and start making them for my roommate and myself. They can be pretty labor intensive so I would eat and serve them as I was making them, one at a time. They are kinda like waffles in that way. If you want to eat them fresh and hot, you can’t eat them with anyone. Eat em’ as they come off the stove. That is the tastiest way.


  • Corn Tortilla’s
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Tomato (or your favorite salsa)
  • Spinach (or Kale)
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Peppers (sweet or hot)
  • Mushrooms
  • Greek Yogurt (more like sour cream but tastier)
  • Your Favorite Cheese (shredded)

Obviously not all the ingredients are necessary and just like tacos that you might eat for dinner, toppings are up to you. First thing I usually do is cook my eggs. Scrambling the eggs with a little milk, some Rosemary (crushed up) and the sage. Once those are cooked you can set them aside in a bowl. It won’t matter if they cool down. Next cook all the vegetables (not the tomato) together and add a little pepper to taste. It works the best if you dice them all into small pieces as the corn tortillas are usually really small. Once that cooks you can set it aside with the eggs. Then take a pan and put a little oil in it and throw a tortilla in. Cook one side for a minute and then turn it over. Once you turn it over put some of the cheese down followed by some eggs, the vegetable mixture, tomato and yogurt. Once everything is inside you should fold over half the shell so that it looks like a taco and continue to fry it until you have good brown spots on there. Then flip it so both sides are awesome. Eat almost immediately (this is important).

It is important to wipe the pan after each taco with a rag or a paper towel so that you don’t start burning the tortillas after a few tacos. Another important suggestion is not to use crappy salsa. Use either fresh tomato instead or fresh pico de gallo. Crappy salsa can ruin the whole thing.


Mr. President Revisited

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So I finally got around to contacting NPR to ask them why the constantly refer to the current President of the United States as Mr. Obama. The responded with a legitimate, but still poor response. They claim that they have been doing this since the mid-70’s. The first time they refer to him it will be as “President” and every time after that it is as “Mr.”

Everyone else is “Mr./Ms.” their first time and then they don’t get any title afterwords. I still feel that this is wrong no matter how long they have been doing it for. Their article on their blog even feels to me like they feel guilty about it and know it isn’t respectful but are going to keep doing it because that is how they have been doing it.

Read the full article here if you want:

Farmville on Facebook: and why it is a bad, awful and not fun game

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I like games.

There are many different definitions for games. Some apply to physical activities, some apply to spoken banter, some involve episodes of chance, but they all generally refer to an activity that is fun and diverts the mind from normal daily activities.

The Oxford English Dictionary (the definitive record of the English language) won’t define the word for me because I don’t have an annual subscription. defines game (applicable definitions only) as: an amusement or pastime; a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators; anything resembling a game, as in requiring skill, endurance, or adherence to rules: the game of diplomacy; and many more referring to other uses of the word.

Farmville loosely fits the definition when pertaining to the word amusement. There is no skill involved, no chance, no endurance, no competitiveness, it doesn’t require that two or more people play, the rules involve playing often or nothing happens, amusement for spectators is like that of a lolcatz picture, “haha, that’s interesting… next, or alternatively: who would think that’s funny? “, the only way for it to become a pastime is when you have finally quit and look back fondly with disgust for how could ever have spent so much time on such a worthless activity. This has happened to me before with other games.

For anyone who has never played before, here is a brief synopsis of the game. You are a farmer. You grow food (it takes real time for the food to grow, anywhere from 2 hours to about 4 days), you grow trees that you harvest (anywhere from 1-3 days), you have animals that you harvest (1-3 days), you can buy decorations for you farm that you get to place wherever you want (things like fences, barns, windmills, etc.) and you get money and experience for doing things. Don’t forget the most important part: if you want to get extra in-game (fake) money, you can spend real money to buy fake money.

I hope that not too many people get tricked into buying this fake money but I know they must. The game is free to play and is supported by people purchasing this fake money.

Does this game sound like fun? Maybe to you …. I probably don’t know who you are. A game that I would liken it to (Even though I have never played it) is The Sims. It is all about designing your house and deciding what vase you want to put on the table, where you want to put the table, and more boring stuff like that.

My last words on the subject … Don’t do it. Any fans of it out there who have some defense for it?

PS. The author of this post has been Farmville free for 3 weeks running.

2 in a Row

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Here is a look at the second rug I finished these past couple weeks. I was busy …

It will also be on the Weaving page. Click on it and check out the fringe. This is my first attempt at that style. After doing it I think next time I will make them a lot closer together to make smaller diamonds.