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Total Recall Here We Come

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I knew that one day all my childhood science fiction dreams would come true.

This article is the beginning of the Philip K. Dick story that turned into one of my favorite Arnold films, Total Recall. It seems that scientists might be onto being able to help us selectively regulate our memory retention.  It works in fruit flies, lets try mice! Yes, some possible applications might be to help people with PTSD let go or forget, but it could also be used to wipe out peoples memories of say … being abducted by the CIA? That leads me to –>

This article. Calm down! Flash cards… soon to be appearing on the list of things you aren’t allowed to bring on an airplane. What year is it? 1984? He was trying to learn Arabic so they had to take him down? Are Arabs enemies of the state? No! of course not! Just like all people, some of them are bad, some of them are good, and most of the rest are inbetween. Just to keep the movie theme going this is just like the Terry Gilliam film Brazil! An overzealous government department gone crazy!

Even as a brand new father. I think this one is ridiculous. Hot Dogs always remind me of the Harry Harrison book Make Room, Make Room! which got turned into the classic Charleston Heston film Soylent Green. Who knows what is in hot dogs… people? Spend some time eating with your kids and making sure they are eating properly. Learn first aid and CPR. You could be their hero. Literally.

Okay. That is enough of a rant.

Physics Defying Wine Rack

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The title says it all. What I like most about it is that it is handmade…

Liam Lians

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That was a quick turn around. It only took about 13 hours for Snail 007 to deliver his message to me. It took a year and a half to pick up the message and then he got it here right away. They must be backed up a lot. I gave him a tip.

The message was: “Happy Birthday”

Sorry for the 8 day lapse in information regarding my snail mail. I have been busy. My daughter was born last Sunday, on Valentine’s Day. I hope you can understand. Thinking about it now, I guess that a year and a half ago I was telling my daughter Happy Birthday. She was nowhere on the horizon then. Weird coincidence? Happy Birthday Chloe. We love you.


Snail Mail

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Woo Hoo! Finally, my snail mail message was picked up! I dropped it off for pick up about a year and a half ago and it is finally on its way! Snail 007 picked it up. His (it’s name is Sean) average delivery time is 22 days, 1 hour and 31 seconds. Lets see when it gets there…….

Agent 007