Crazy Can

So the weirdest thing happened to me in the shower the other day. Wait! I know, I know, you are all going to say I have heard this story before and don’t want to hear it again. But, I doubt it.

I had just finished washing myself and was standing in the warm water not doing anything for a moment. ALL OF A SUDDEN I hear a boom! IN the shower with me! My first thought was it sounded like the shower head had blown off, but it didn’t hit me and the shower spray was still normal.

Maybe I died but everything continues on for me like nothing happened and in everyone elses reality I had died so now they split and there must be a bazillion different realities where everyone is still alive in theirs and nothing is real! Or, … not.

I blink a few times and then look around. Behind me there is white crap EVERYWHERE. It is all over all the shampoo and soap. It is all over the walls. It is all over the floor. It is all over the ceiling. It is all over my back. And then I hear a slight hissing and gurgling (btw – spell check wanted me to replace gurgling with smuggling) sound coming from a bubbling pile of white stuff on the floor.

I lean over to investigate and what do I find? An old can of shaving cream spitting out, that’s right, shaving cream. My can of shaving cream, which I don’t use since I don’t shave, had rusted through just enough so that the internal pressure caused it to blow. It wasn’t even that rusty, I musta had a bad can. Of course at this point I start maniacally laughing and my partner rushes in to see if I am okay after the loud bang in the bathroom.

Good thing it was in the shower and not in any other room. That would have sucked. It still took me about 30 minutes to wipe it off of every surface. The room still smells like shaving cream 2 days later and I stopped only yesterday.

This is probably the only time that I wish I had a video surveillance camera in my bathroom. You should install one before this happens to you!


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