Losing my Faith in the Internet

I have lost some faith that I had in people. Previously my blog didn’t get much attention. I averaged around 10-20 people looking at it per day. Recently I wrote a post about how much I don’t like the game Farmville on Facebook.

Those two words started generating a ton of people looking at my blog. In fact, my highest number of viewings has reached 423 in one day. That many people looking for information on Farmville? Disappointing. Now, I know that it isn’t all that many people considering how many are using the internet. But still … Farmville. I still say it is a bad game and a waste of time.

So, now that my views are back to normal…. lets see what happens when I write some more about Farmville…


One Response to “Losing my Faith in the Internet”

  1. they should make their own farms, like fo real though.

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