365 Bottles of Beer For the Year

For the holidays this year I got a desk calender. The kind where the fun part is ripping off a page each day. This one features a different beer each day that you are supposed to be able to get somewhere in the US. There is also a short description of the beers including facts about the brewery, the beer or even some history. A lot of the beers listed seem to come from Europe which makes them harder to find in real life.

Today’s beer for Tuesday March 23rd 2010 is from Scotland. Specifically the Orkney Brewery in Stromness, Orkney, Scotland. The beer is called Orkney Dark Island Brown. This one caught my eye more than most, specifically because it is from Scotland. A place that is close to my heart. I went on a trip there by myself last January. Here is a brief list of some amazing things that happened to me while I was there: I rode a sleeper train around, visited The Royal Oak, learned how to drive stick in downtown Edinburgh during rush hour, I watched a sunrise in THE Highlands, I drank beer, I got to walk around in really old, really big castles, I stayed with a girl I met on couchsurfing, climbed two mountains, and I am sure I could list a lot more. Anyways, if you know me in real life you can check out some of my pictures from that trip on Facebook.

Here is what today says about Orkeny Dark Island Brown:

“The bottle, the pour, the head, the aroma, the flavor, the aftertaste all bespeak of wealth. Dark chestnut brown, with a creamy head. Nutty, fruity, toffee and malty aroma and flavor. Not particularly hoppy, but that’s no surprise in this great session beer. At 4.6%/vol., you could enjoy a few without embarrassing yourself. Try it with some sheep’s milk feta, or aged Parmesan and thin sliced sausage.”

What drew me to this (besides the Scotland reference) was that it refers to this as a session beer. I feel like I keep coming across this phrase in my internet beer travels. All the people interested in craft beers have this sort of jargon. Session beer is in a way a nice way of saying this is a good beer to sit down and drink a lot of. So next time you are in Orkney, feel free to drink a lot of the Dark Island Brown because you won’t embarrass yourself.


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