I was transferring a batch of beer into a carboy last night and when I was finished I found something wrong… I had dropped my Thermohydrometer (basically a glass weirdo buoyancy device) into my wort (unfermented beer) and I heard a crack. I hoped for the best until I siphoned all the beer into a clean carboy for secondary fermentation. Unfortunately it had broken and now I don’t know what to do about it. Here is a picture of my broken device.

I am not too worried about the ball bearing type things… just the red dusty stuff that I have no idea what it is… Most of the yellow stuff is spent yeast and not harmful at all. You can see in the picture that it got inside the big hole (which you can’t see so well) in the bottom.

This must have happened to someone else out there. Is my beer poisoned? Do I have anyone who will volunteer to test it?

UPDATE: I found out that this particular Hydrometer uses only food grade materials inside. Steel shot and food dye (for whatever the red stuff actually is). The only problem might be broken glass …


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