Election Day

It is almost election day. As a United Statesian I feel an obligation to exercise my right to vote. This might be the one time every two years that a decision I make could have national implications. Now, there is a lot of talk going on about this election because people are angry. They are angry that the economy is doing poorly, they are angry because either they or a family member or three don’t have jobs, they are angry because people who weren’t born here have been hanging around, perhaps some feel like they shouldn’t be paying taxes to support things they don’t agree with (I think that is just about everyone), and even a whole lot more reasons.

Luckily everyone is only supposed to get one vote. That means you should make it count. Perhaps you should actually look into what the person you are going to vote for has said. Maybe there is another candidate out there who actually thinks more like you do than the Republican or Democratic candidate. How would you know though? Check out the League of Women Voters. You don’t have to be a woman to read their information. They have sent questionnaires to all the registered candidates to get some information from them. Would you like to see how they all answered the same questions? Check it out! You may find yourself voting for a Communist Comptroller, a Republican Governor, A Green Party Attorney General or who knows what else!

Personally I don’t believe that voting for the person you believe in is throwing away your vote.You only get one. Why give it to someone you don’t really believe in only because everyone else says they are the best bet. Don’t do it just to beat the other “guy”. Vote for the person you really believe in and that will make our country a better democracy. I don’t care if you vote for the Tea Party, Green Party or the Frat Party. Vote in an informed way for the people who you really think will do the best job. Become empowered. Know what the person you are voting for wants to accomplish. Spend an hour looking at what they have said and do the right thing.

Exercise you rights.


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