French Rabbits

When I was a kid, my mom was asking me what sounds all the different animals make. Cat – Meow, Dog – Woof … etc. Then she decided to ask me what sound a rabbit makes. I turned my head, squinted my eyes and thought about it. Then I looked at her and started squinching up my nose over and over again.

Last night, I was reading a Fancy Nancy book with my daughter. Fancy Nancy thinks that butterflies can speak French. In the book we have Nancy says things like: “Bonjour! (That means Hello in French)”. So, I asked Chloe if she knew how to say hello in French. Without hesitation she nods her head yes. So I ask her, “How do you say hello in French?”

She looks at me and waves.


One Response to “French Rabbits”

  1. That’s one of those stories that will get passed down through generations. A-dorable.

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