Back in Business

It has been a while since I made beer. The last batch was made in January for my brother in law’s wedding using my favorite recipe. You should try it…

Last night my friend David and I made a batch, aiming for an IPA. I have tried and failed many times to make an IPA. They were never bad, they just didn’t taste at all like they should. I’ve tried recipe’s and I have even tried kits. Nothing….

This time we have a secret plan

((way too many hops)).

The plan involves a total of 12 oz. of hops. I know, that is crazy! That would normally be about $50 of hops, however, David went to the newish beer store The Green Growler and everything was half off. Time to find out if not enough hops has been my problem all along.

photo (6)


3 Responses to “Back in Business”

  1. So…was the answer in the hops?

    Great blog, Aaron. We will have to have a beer together one day.

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