Beyond any lessons that can be found in the Wheel of Time, there are plenty of life lessons one can learn from weaving.

  • Patience – Weaving takes a long time. If you try to rush it, you will make mistakes and will mess up the tension, resulting in more mistakes.
  • Design – You better create/pick something that you are going to be happy with as executing that design take a long time. You want your patterns, colors, and textures to work together.
  • Diligence – Again, this takes time. The only way to discover its worth is to work your way through it. Also, I always come up with new ideas for a project when I am in the middle of another. However, you can’t just stop and start a new one until you finish.
  • Precision – When setting up a project on a 4-Harness Loom there are many chances to make a mistake that won’t be notices until it is too late to do much about it. Paying attention so that you do it right is important.
  • Practice – The different stages can be very repetitive. You definitely get better as you go.

They also make great gifts for people.

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