Country Ham

Years ago we bought half of a uncooked, salted, aged country ham from Virginia. It arrived at our house in a giant box. We opened it up and followed the directions: cut off the mold and soak it in water for a couple days to get the salt out, replacing the water every once in a while. Do you realize how big of a pot you need to soak a ham in a reasonable amount of water? Good thing I had my 5 gallon pot for beer brewing!

It made the house smell amazing. Probably just as good as warming up your regular old ham, but it felt better from the specialness of it and all the work that went into it. We invited a couple of friends over to eat it with us. One of them doesn’t even like ham (and he is Cuban too!) and he loved it. It was delicious. I highly recommend it. I have no idea where we bought ours from to recommend it, but I recommend doing it! It is worth the price.


2 Responses to “Country Ham”

  1. Bet you can get a good country ham at Grandpa’s Cheese Barn!

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