Secret Chiefs 3

Last night I went to see one of my most favorite bands, Secret Chiefs 3. This was the third or forth time I have seen them and they never fail to impress me with their extraordinary music, presence, and mystery. If I were to describe their music it would be a combination of arabic-surf-metal with crazy time signatures and polyrhythm galore. I couldn’t point you to a specific video/song as no single song can pin them down. If you aren’t into “weird” music, then you might want to start with songs from their album Book of Horizons.

The first time I saw them play I had never heard of them before. They were opening for my favorite band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. They came out dressed in cult-like cloaks and played their hearts out. There were a ton of musicians on stage and they never said a word, never used the microphone. At least half the audience was there just to see them, not the headliners. When they finished, the crowd demanded that they come out for more. This was the first and only time I have ever seen an opening act called out for an encore. They came back out and set up a microphone. I assumed they would say something like, “Thanks! We’re Secret Chiefs 3, up next…” but no…. they pulled out a trumpet and played that into the mic.
IMG_5752Side notes:

  • I found out from talking with a guy on the train ride home that it was the drummers birthday and that is why they kept playing little snippets of the happy birthday song.
  • I work with their tour managers wife. I was supposed to be on the guest list but it never got sent so I had to buy a ticket. I will gladly buy a ticket every time if that is how I can get in.
  • Trey Spruance is the leaderĀ of this band, but is probably better known for his role in the band Mr. Bungle. I found out today that he was also in Faith No More for a little bit.

I know I said I couldn’t pick just one, but I did.


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