Worms In Your Pockets

Worms and I go way back. My mom tells me a story about how I used to put all kinds of things in my pockets as a kid. Totally a typical thing for kids to do. The grossest, in her opinion, was a pocket full of worms. I guess I can’t totally empathize with her as I don’t remember ever finding a mushed up pile of worms in a pocket.

Every time I walk in the rain I am brought back to being 7 years old. I vividly remember walking to the bus stop looking at all the worms wiggling around on the pavement. I had a strong connection to those wiggling worms in the way my big socks were creased under my foot. My imagination turned those creases into real live wiggling worms inside my shoes. I had no idea how they got there but I was sure they were there. I would stop at least three times to check to convince myself that I didn’t have worms in my socks.

And now it comes full circle. The other day I was at the pet store and thought I would like to get a treat for my chickens. I asked the woman for some meal worms and she asked me if I wanted the small ones or the big ones. Once again my curiosity got the best of me so I asked how big are the big ones? She spread her fingers and showed me a size that isn’t as big as an earthworm, but were big enough.

Now those big ones are living in my fridge waiting to meet Ana, Olaf, and Sally.


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