For a song titled “Drugs” I think this video is a very good representational piece.

I used to listen to this band a lot. They are from Brooklyn, NY (where a band comes from always seems important to me for some reason, I haven’t quite figured it out yet). I like that I can do work or play games while listening to them and not get distracted by lyrics, as there aren’t any.

When I was living in NY I got a chance to go see them play live. I was surprised at how little I liked the show considering I really like their music. Since there are only 2 artists in the band a lot of their music is layered in with the same band member playing multiple instruments on each song. So at the show they had one other guy playing with them while they each played a guitar or bass. A bunch of it was prerecorded and they were playing along. It was almost as if I were listening to their music at home, just really loud.

I don’t go to shows to hear the music played exactly the same as it is on the record. I like the differences and nuance that comes from a piece of music growing beyond the recording session. However, I am glad that I thought of these guys so I could bring it back into my life. I hope you enjoy it too!

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.27.33 PM


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