3 Things I Learned In Arizona

When on a Pink Jeep Tour, our driver asked that he always be first in line when we walk around. He then proceeded to tell us that a snake always bites the third person in line.

  • The first person wakes it up
  • The second person makes it mad
  • The third person gets bit


The only McDonalds in the world without “Golden” arches is in Sedona Arizona. The exciting rumor is that the town didn’t want them to have their Golden Arches because it would clash with the local surroundings (Sedona is gorgeous and surrounded by red rock mountains). McDonalds sued and lost and had to paint their sign turquoise. Apparently the real story is less dramatic so I will go with spreading rumors.

Sedona McDonalds

The third thing that I learned is that the Grand Canyon is pretty.



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