The Horsehead Nebula

As a kid I took an after school astronomy thing in elementary school. I remember they blew up an inflatable planetarium that had a special projector pointing at the ceiling. They told us Greek myths while we all lay down on the floor looking up at the different constellations. Out of all of them, the one that I could usually find without any trouble was Orion.

Of all the gorgeous space pictures floating around, the Horsehead Nebula is one that people are usually familiar with. Until I saw this gif, I don’t think I ever thought about where a particular image came from in a specific point in space.

It was discovered by a Scottish woman who worked as a main for a Harvard professor in Boston after her husband left her. He apparently was frustrated with his male assistants and said that his maid could do a better job then them. He later hired her to do clerical work and during that time she discovered nebula, stars, and novae. One of them being the Horsehead Nebula in 1888.



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