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Every once in a while my wife and daughter leave me alone in the house. When they do I sometimes take pictures of the food that I make so that I can prove that I didn’t eat chips, salsa, and cheese the entire time. They haven’t ever accused me of doing that, or asked to see proof that I can take care of myself. But just in case……


Tomato, spinach, and feta cheese omelet with some Heidelberg Cracked Wheat toast. Heidelberg bread is made in upstate NY and is really hard to find down here near New York. Sometimes when friends come to visit they bring us some. When we go to visit we make sure to hit a store to bring some home.


Steamed broccoli, a baked potato with cheese in it, and cous cous with onion, roasted red pepper, and tomato.

Punk Rock

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Anna the Chicken

My chickens love cat food. It is their most favorite thing in the whole world. Anytime I open the garage door they come sprinting from wherever they are. They definitely know they aren’t supposed to be in there and will knock over the water bowl every single time in their frantic panic in trying to get out when I try to shoo them away.


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Tenacity: the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip.

Tree in Bloom


Tree Out of Bloom

Every time I am waiting for the train I notice this tree growing out of the wall. It is 20 feet up in the air. I bet it makes hanging out on that fire escape very nice in the summer. That or it makes it very scratchy.

I wonder if its roots are growing into someones living room…

Gradient of Light

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