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Mystery Guest

Posted in Random Musings with tags , on February 26, 2016 by Aaron

This morning I heard Olaf making a ton of noise out in her coop. I went out to investigate and found this little critter in there with her.IMG_8582

It was in the run with Olaf while she was flapping around and making a ton of noise. That noise is why I went outside to investigate.

I couldn’t get it to come out! It was cowering in the corner under the stairs. I opened the outer door and let the chickens come out which made them a lot happier. I tried banging on the wall behind him, moving far from the entrance, gentle pokes with a stick, nothing would get it to come out. It didn’t even want to play dead.

I did a bunch of research though and learned a lot about opossum. They are nocturnal omnivores. Apparently they don’t really try to attack chickens that often, they just really like their food. They have one of the bet memories for where to find food, better than dogs. They have a ton of teeth, 50! Most people only have 32 teeth. When they play dead it is an unconscious response. They roll over, get stiff, bear their teeth, and let out some bad smells. I’m glad it didn’t do this!

I had to leave for work this morning with it still in there. I hope he goes somewhere else by the time I get home! I will have to fix the hole it dug and figure out a way to dissuade it from coming back!IMG_8579.JPG