Have Fun Teaching

Earlier this year my daughter brought home some homework that was perplexing! She is in kindergarten and they were learning about words that use the “short i” in the middle. The letter “i” that sounds like the one in grin, igloo, or bin. She had figured some out by herself. The rest …

Have Fun Teaching.jpg

Eventually we got them all. But I am not sure that we got them in the way that the makers of this worksheet intended. Do you have any guesses as to what these pictures might mean? If you comment, make sure to mention which picture you are talking about.


2 Responses to “Have Fun Teaching”

  1. Wow, that’s perplexing – and they expect kids to figure this out? I’m assuming the chef pic is Mix, cow is probably Bit, the fruit is Pit maybe? The office one could be Bin, but that’s a weird pic. Ostrich has me stumped, but I think the rabbit is Win. No idea on the freaky old guy, bottom right. Kuddos to her for figuring any of these out!

    • Most of it isn’t like this. We also thought it was Mix, Bit, and Win. We weren’t sure if the Pit on was pit or fig? The office one I think is Fix, and if you look really closely, the zombie guy on the bottom has his lips zipped shut … so zip?

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