I am a United Statesian who enjoys making things and meeting real life people.

Oh yeah, my name is Aaron.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. About the whale sign….

    Here in Hudson, where the air was redolent with fragrance of fresh-cut hay, there was soon to come a new pungent odor – oil mixed with the salty tang of the sea. And, with it: a whiff of prosperity. While a whaling center so far from the ocean might seem unusual, there were sound economic reasons for its seemingly remote location – attested to by the solid prosperity of Hudson in the earliest years of its existence.

  2. Aaron, are you not doing a garden this year? Didn’t you used to have a whole section on it?

  3. Yes garden! We might not start with seeds this year as we have been preoccupied with the new member of our family. How is your family?

  4. Pretty cool blog. I enjoyed your old post on rom zom com. I wanted to share Zombie Hunter with you.

    Zombie Hunter is a mockumentary that follows a self-acclaimed, and self-certified, and “professional” zombie hunter as he goes into infested territory, follows-up on leads, and exploits products designed to ensure survival during the crisis.

    Here is a link to the episodes:


    It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out.

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