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Little Pigs

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My cousin Ray, who lives out in LA, made a short film! I know I am little late for the Halloween thing but I still wanted to share it. This film is probably too scary for young kids. Let him know what you think on the Youtube page!

The Photo Booth

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Recently a friend of mine just launched a gif version of a photobooth. It looks like it would be a lot of fun! What attracts me the most to it is that you can play with it. Because it loops, you can try to do different things, instead of just making funny faces.

I saw this on reddit this morning and it seems playful in a similar way. Especially because of the man standing in the back.





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A few years ago, we (myself and a few of the other educators where I work) made a project. We were playing with the idea of projection on a surface and telling a story without words. We created this diorama in a single day.

Here are some behind the scenes production photos!


We built the diorama out of foam core, poster board, paper, tape, model magic (for the snowman), and a pico cricket (like a simple arduino) for the blinking snowman nose. We filmed the different scenes in front of a green screen. Because we filmed them separately from each other, we had to time them out so that we could match them in the edit without too much trouble. When editing, we had to line it up precisely with the windows in the building. Every time we physically moved the installation around, we had to re-edit where the videos were placed on the screen. We created the snow and smoke in Motion, a program that came with the Final Cut Pro 7 suite.

We used:

  • Video Compositing
  • Programming Simple Electronics
  • Digital Particle Generation
  • Arts and Crafts

It was really awesome.

Go Canada!

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I would totally consider voting for this guy based on this commercial.

Beetlejuice, Better Off Dead, and Brain Dead

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If there are any movies that start with the letter B that have impacted me greatest, it would be these three. When I was 8 years old I watched Beetlejuice every single day for a whole summer. It was the prefect mix of a completely wacky story, not-to-scary (except for Large Marge, she is still terrifying), and an awesome style that I would later learn was Tim Burtons second feature film (after Pee-wee’s Big Adventure).

Every. Single. Day. My dad still makes fun of me.

Beetlejuice copy

The next film that I would watch incessantly was Better Off Dead. The Bouncing Souls was a band that I loved. One of their songs had a quote from the film. I didn’t rest until I found out what movie that was. In 1997, that wasn’t so easy… the internet wasn’t omnipotent yet. I loved that there was a young Jon Cusack in it (Grosse Pointe Blank had recently come out), my favorite band loved it, most of my peers hadn’t seen it, and it was totally wacky. A white kid in suburbia trying to grow up with the perspective of trying to make sense of the world.

Dead-Alive-Poster copy









Eventually I would get into horror movies. Still, to this day, my favorite is Brain Dead (otherwise known as Dead Alive in the US). You guessed it … it’s wacky! A young Peter Jackson directed this one. It is full of silly blood-and-guts that is totally over the top. It borrows a lot and builds on the amazingness of the Evil Dead series. As you watch it you continually tell yourself that you can’t be shocked anymore, and then your jaw drops again, and again …



These movies totally hold up and I would whole heartedly recommend them.

Film Review: The Wolfpack

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I got the chance to see the film The Wolfpack this week. It is directed by first time feature filmmaker Crystal Moselle and I really like it a lot. It is a documentary that tells the story of a group of 7 children who were raised in a New York City apartment completely isolated from the outside world. Their father wouldn’t allow them to leave more than a few times a year and their mother homeschooled them. While they weren’t allowed to watch TV or go on the internet, they were seemingly allowed to watch all the movies they wanted. One of their biggest forms of entertainment were to act out movies with elaborate homemade props and costumes and spot on impressions of the actors in the real films. Things begin to change when one of them escapes.

I don’t want to give anything away so I just want to talk about some of my impressions that I left the film with. First of all, I think that Crystal Moselle did a fantastic job of walking the line between respecting her subjects as humans and profiteering or taking advantage of their story. I say this because the abuses they endured from their alcoholic father growing up leaves them socially awkward. They are shown to be very intelligent and introspective throughout the film and their love for each other and their mother is apparent. This could easily have fallen prey to exploiting the family by just saying “look how strange they are!” It doesn’t, it reveals them all to be real people who can be empathized and sympathized with. Every once in a while it takes a step back to remind us that the conditions they grew up in aren’t normal or okay. Without a doubt this was an abusive household.

The thing that I walked away from the film with I hope to hold onto is the joy they experienced from encountering things that most people would consider mundane. On their first trip to Coney Island they remark that it reminds them of Lawrence of Arabia. That was probably the first and last time someone will innocently liken those two things to each other. In a “real” world when many people are tied to their screens, they engage with it in delight. I hope to look at the world with wonder.

This is a great documentary that leaves the viewer with way more questions that it answers. If you are okay with ambiguity then you should check it out!

ТО «420»

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I saw this on the internet the other day. There are a ton more videos in a similar style on their YouTube channel.


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Today I put my hands and feet into a dinosaurs footprint. We drove up the highway, parked on the side of the road, followed the river west for a mile and there they were. It is my guess that these footprints were revealed over thousands of years of this stream flowing over the rocks. You can see the layers in the rocks in the background. They probably won’t be around for too much longer. Maybe another 100 years before the river wipes them away. it was an awesome experience.

Dino Prints 2

dino prints 1

Afterwards I also went to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for my first time. We saw What We Do In The Shadows and I thought it was pretty funny. It was perfect seeing in that setting too. Neither the movie nor the theater take themselves too seriously in all the right ways. They also have some pretty cool lobby rides.

the ShiningDefinitely not a bad day…

Star Wars

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My daughter and I have been listening to the Star Wars Dark Empire dramatized audiobook in the car. She loves it. Today when I picked her up from school she was super excited to show me a drawing she had made. She was also super proud that I correctly guessed who all the people in the drawing were. Check it out! I’m super proud too.Chloe Star Wars Drawing

Jeffrey and Tara’s Wedding Video

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Congratulations Jeffrey and Tara! We love you!