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Early Spring, Early Morning

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The Photo Booth

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Recently a friend of mine just launched a gif version of a photobooth. It looks like it would be a lot of fun! What attracts me the most to it is that you can play with it. Because it loops, you can try to do different things, instead of just making funny faces.

I saw this on reddit this morning and it seems playful in a similar way. Especially because of the man standing in the back.




Hide and Seek

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Butterfly 1

Showing Off

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A few years ago, we (myself and a few of the other educators where I work) made a project. We were playing with the idea of projection on a surface and telling a story without words. We created this diorama in a single day.

Here are some behind the scenes production photos!


We built the diorama out of foam core, poster board, paper, tape, model magic (for the snowman), and a pico cricket (like a simple arduino) for the blinking snowman nose. We filmed the different scenes in front of a green screen. Because we filmed them separately from each other, we had to time them out so that we could match them in the edit without too much trouble. When editing, we had to line it up precisely with the windows in the building. Every time we physically moved the installation around, we had to re-edit where the videos were placed on the screen. We created the snow and smoke in Motion, a program that came with the Final Cut Pro 7 suite.

We used:

  • Video Compositing
  • Programming Simple Electronics
  • Digital Particle Generation
  • Arts and Crafts

It was really awesome.

Happy New Year!

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