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Seussi Noitatropsnart

Posted in Travel with tags , , , on August 14, 2009 by Aaron

I realize that my car has been fixed for a while now but as I look back I can see it was the last thing I wrote about; and I am sure that you must be wondering what happened! Thankfully my car did not explode or catch fire at all. Apparently all that happened was that my breaks fell off.

I am inclined to feel that some responsibility lies with myself for letting them squeek for so long. I also tend to think about how two weeks before they fell off I had my inspection done. It wouldn’t pass without some break work. This seems a little suspicious.

It would seem that I need to revisit the inspector…

Transportation Issues

Posted in Travel with tags , on July 28, 2009 by Aaron

Normally I like to take the train to work. Lately I have been driving due to the extended hours that I have been spending there. Yesterday it felt like my tire exploded.

I wish it was the tire. When I pulled over and walked around the car to fix it I was really surprised to see an intact tire. Nothing was draging beneath the car or even visibly wrong. I drove it a little more and it felt like my front passenger wheel was about to fall off. Then while I was driving about 10 mph, to get to a safer place to leave the car, the brake seized up on that tire and screeched like I was slamming to a halt from 50 mph. I was still moving though at a snails pace. Of course the woman walking her dog started staring at me like I was some kind of jerk for driving like a jerk through her jerkless neighborhood.

Then I walked to the tow place (just like the good old days) and got my car to a shop. Any ideas about what might have happened before I hear back from the mechanic?