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Regular Coffee

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What is the difference between coffee and regular coffee?IMG_5586

Left Behind

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2 Cool Beer Ideas From Other Blogs

Posted in Beer and Wine with tags , , , , on October 26, 2009 by Aaron

This first link is a really neat article about how you can brew beer in a coffee maker at home! As if it wasn’t easy enough already… I wouldn’t trust it though. There are too many old oils, hard to reach places and who knows what else living inside a used coffee maker. Even with a new one, you can only make one pot of beer at a time. It isn’t like you can drink it right then either. You still have to wait for it to ferment and carbonate. In fact, as I write this I would like to take back that word “neat” that I used in the beginning of this paragraph and exchange it with “waste of time“.

This second link however is very interesting. It lists average beer consumption by country and has lots of pretty color pictures to help illustrate the almost boring graph at the bottom. Some of the comments that people left are pretty interesting too. I like that the blog author is responding to a lot of the posts and answering legitimate questions that people have.