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Beetlejuice, Better Off Dead, and Brain Dead

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If there are any movies that start with the letter B that have impacted me greatest, it would be these three. When I was 8 years old I watched Beetlejuice every single day for a whole summer. It was the prefect mix of a completely wacky story, not-to-scary (except for Large Marge, she is still terrifying), and an awesome style that I would later learn was Tim Burtons second feature film (after Pee-wee’s Big Adventure).

Every. Single. Day. My dad still makes fun of me.

Beetlejuice copy

The next film that I would watch incessantly was Better Off Dead. The Bouncing Souls was a band that I loved. One of their songs had a quote from the film. I didn’t rest until I found out what movie that was. In 1997, that wasn’t so easy… the internet wasn’t omnipotent yet. I loved that there was a young Jon Cusack in it (Grosse Pointe Blank had recently come out), my favorite band loved it, most of my peers hadn’t seen it, and it was totally wacky. A white kid in suburbia trying to grow up with the perspective of trying to make sense of the world.

Dead-Alive-Poster copy









Eventually I would get into horror movies. Still, to this day, my favorite is Brain Dead (otherwise known as Dead Alive in the US). You guessed it … it’s wacky! A young Peter Jackson directed this one. It is full of silly blood-and-guts that is totally over the top. It borrows a lot and builds on the amazingness of the Evil Dead series. As you watch it you continually tell yourself that you can’t be shocked anymore, and then your jaw drops again, and again …



These movies totally hold up and I would whole heartedly recommend them.

Zom Com

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I thought that I had coined a phrase yesterday. I was wrong… we were talking about how lately more zombie movies are more comedy than horror. For example: Shawn of the Dead, Fido, Poultrygeist, etc… I feel like serious zombie movies are way less common than their comedic counterparts.

They even outdid my Zom Com with Rom Zom Com.


Image taken from Shawn of the Dead