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The best video ever!

Posted in Books, Movies, Space with tags , , , , on October 5, 2009 by Aaron

My friend at work sent me this video the other day. I found myself stopping it every minute and looking over at him and telling him things like: “You made my day!” and “This is the coolest thing ever!” and “This is so inspiring!” and even found myself singing to him… Check it out!

What strikes me the most right now after watching this video is how amazing Cosmos is. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it.

400th Anniversary of 1st Telescope Use

Posted in Space with tags , , , , , , on August 15, 2009 by Aaron

Cosmos and Culture: How Astronomy Shaped our World

An exhibit at the Science Museum in London. I wish I could go check it out… at least I can look at some pictures of a few things from it here and so can you!


Posted in Random Musings with tags , , on July 7, 2009 by Aaron

my lack of inspiration lately is causing this lack of proper puntuation captalization or even gramatically correct conditions i have been working too much but getting the job done since i got tired of going home going to bed only to wake and return to work i have been watching lots of cosmos and staying up too late just to make sure that my day was more than working sleeping and eating at the inbetween moments but now i havent posted in over a week and i am tired i wanted to make sure it got done i hope you are well and that your summer or winter if you are in the other hemisphere is progressing smoothly although i doubt that anyone in the other place is reading this and

Evolution Animation

Posted in Movies, Space with tags , , , on June 27, 2009 by Aaron

Here is an awesome clip from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos television series. In it he breaks down the course of evolution on Earth to show how humans have evolved. It is pretty old but that doesn’t make it any less amazing.

I have wanted to share this since the first time I ever saw it. Enjoy!