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Hide and Seek

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Butterfly 1

Shuttle Atlantis STS-132

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Back in 2010 I drove down to Florida to see one of the last shuttle launches. We left on Friday night and drove straight down for a Sunday morning launch. It was (the proper use) of the word epic. We were in Titusville which is about 10 miles away from Cape Canaveral, across a bay. When we saw the launch we didn’t hear anything. About 30 seconds later you heard and felt the rumble. It made your lungs vibrate. After that we got back in the car and drove home.

There ended up being only 135 launches. Sorry for posting twice about this, that is how epic it was.


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Watching this was unbelievable. We got there about 2 hours before the launch and there were already a ton of people around who had staked out what appeared to be the best spots. Walking around we happened to stumble onto a secret little strip of land right next to what appeared to be a crowded parking lot. We were able to be right on the water without a crush of people making things unpleasant. I highly recommend that everyone go to the remaining launches. You will feel your lungs vibrate…