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French Lazers

Posted in Random Musings, Travel with tags , , , on October 20, 2014 by Aaron

When I was a young lad I went on a journey to live with a family in Grenoble, France. It was pretty fantastic. Not only did my French improve dramatically but I learned how to say a lot of bad words in French, that drinking was okay and that they had the most awesome laser tag place in the world (at least the way I remember it).

The only other time I have ever played the game was in Buffalo, NY. The best part about that was that when we were signing up they made us pick a code name. When they were handing out the equipment later this came back into play. Since none of us knew what the code names were for the guy had to say some pretty rediculous things. Needless to say, if that was the best part …

The best part about the French place was lack of rules or even any supervision. Sure someone left bleeding every game, but it was worth it! Imagine this, a giant 2 story room where it is dark with strobe lights flashing, smoke everywhere and blasting music. You can’t trust your senses at all to tell you what is going on so you must rely totally on your reactions.

There was a spot where you could jump down from the upper level to the lower one, there was a tunnel that was pitch black and had bars randomly across it at chest, shin and face height. You only run down that hallway once. Lots of sharp corners and lots of people in the game, don’t tell your mom about this place.

I would go there again in a second. Probably by now though it isn’t there anymore. If you are ever in Grenoble … FIND THIS PLACE AND PLAY LASER TAG! You probably won’t regret it, even if you need stiches.

And It Begins.

Posted in Travel with tags , , , , on October 14, 2010 by Aaron

Oil shortages in France.

Aux Paris

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My dad and step mother went to Paris for their anniversary this year. This is a copy of the list that I gave them to help them out. I will have more information later when they come to visit and I can ask them how it worked, and more importantly what I forgot to put on here. I heard from my dad that the most helpful is the one about Jim Morrison.

I kind of hope there were some hilarious misunderstandings of some sort…

Where is the bathroom?
ooo ay la twa-let?
Ou est la toilet?
Thank You
Excuse me.
How much does this cost?
Where is the currency exchange?
ooo ay la bureau do chan-je
Ou est la bureau du change?
Where can I find a taxi?
ooo ay uhn taxi
Ou est un taxi?
Help me!
Laid moi
L’aide moi!
I am an American from Columbus, Ohio.
Je swees uhn American duh Columbus, Ohio.
Je suis un American de Columbus, Ohio.
This is my first time in France.
Eel ay mon premier temp ah France
Il est mon premiere temps a France.
Where is Jim Morrison’s grave?
ooo ay la tumbe de Jim Morrison
Ou est la tombe de Jim Morrison?
Check Please!
la-di-cee-on sil voo play
l’addition s’il vous plait
I would like … please.
Je voodrai … sil voo play
Je voudrais … s’il vous plait.
Fish            Beef        chicken        pork           pasta         salad
pwason       bof          poolay         pork           pat            salad
poisson       Beof        poulet          porc           pates         salade
Water        Beer        Soda
low           Bee-air     soda ah-mer-ee-can
l’eau          Bier         soda americain
Ice Cream     Cake          Chocolate       Crepe
la glass        Gat-o          Show-ko-la     Crepe
La Glace       Gateau        Chocolat        Crepe