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This is real life.

Gravity in a Vacuum

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First of all, I don’t think I have ever spelled vacuum until today. That is a crazy spelling for a word!

The only other time that I have interacted with the ideas presented in this video were in a Earth Science class in High School. The teacher dropped a piece of paper and we watched it float down. Then he put that same piece of paper on top of a text book. When he dropped it, the whole thing fell with a loud thud. It is one thing to understand a concept, and another thing entire to see something happen.

The power of visual media!


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Watching this was unbelievable. We got there about 2 hours before the launch and there were already a ton of people around who had staked out what appeared to be the best spots. Walking around we happened to stumble onto a secret little strip of land right next to what appeared to be a crowded parking lot. We were able to be right on the water without a crush of people making things unpleasant. I highly recommend that everyone go to the remaining launches. You will feel your lungs vibrate…

Atlas Rocket Launch

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I think I have been waiting for a video like this my whole life without realizing it. It is incredibly beautiful to see the rocket break the cloud layer and have Earth begin to recede into the distance. I feel like I have seen this in movies but knowing that this is real makes a big difference.

Space Your Face

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Have you ever wanted to dance on Mars, the Moon or an Asteroid? Here is your chance!