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Richard Branson Unveils Spaceship Two

Posted in Space with tags , , , , , on December 8, 2009 by Aaron

I will say it again! If I only had $200,000 ……. Let’s break that down. If it is $200,000 for a 2 hour flight, then that means it is $100,000 per hour, rounding up makes it $1,666.67 per minute and $27.78 per second.

Check out this picture of the proposed spaceport (airport for space planes) to be built in New Mexico.


The Infant Human Species

Posted in Books, Space with tags , , on June 3, 2009 by Aaron

“We are set irrevocably, I believe, on a path that will take us to the stars – unless in some monstrous capitulation to stupidity and greed, we destroy ourselves first. And out there in the depths of space, it seems very likely that, sooner or later, we will find other intelligent beings. Some of them will be less advanced than we; some, probably most, will be more. Will all the spacefaring beings, I wonder, be creatures whose births are painful? The beings more advanced than we will have capabilities far beyond our understanding. In some very real sense they will appear to us as godlike. There will be a great deal of growing up required of the infant human species. Perhaps our descendants in those remote times will look back on us, on the long and wandering journey the human race will have taken from its dimly remembered origins on the distant planet Earth, and recollect our personal and collective histories, our romance with science and religion, with clarity and understanding and love.”
Carl Sagan, “Broca’s Brain” 1974


Virgin Galactic

if I only had a couple hundred thousand dollars to spare …