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Wishes for Spring

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We live north of New York City and I have been doing a lot of snow shoveling lately. I am ready for dandelions.

South of the Border

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IMG_0308On our way back from the shuttle launch we stayed the night at Pedro’s South of the Border. A roadside attraction in South Carolina that proclaims its locations on billboards hundreds of miles away. My favorite was “Start screaming now kids! (They’ll stop)“. The three of us (all men) went into the lobby of Pedro’s Pleasure Dome (their hotel) to get a room for the night. After some questionable looks we got our room. It was straight out of the 70s. Nothing had changed. It was extremely surreal being there in the early morning. None of the rides were open, the giant stores were empty.

If I ever go back there, I will make sure to bring a tent. I heard they have a camping ground you can stay at. Without a doubt it is worth stopping at. Try to get there when it’s hopping though.



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My daughter is  notorious for not smiling and being really shy around other people. Even her Uncle Jeff came over the other day and she didn’t talk to him for thirty minutes. This picture was taken at the old Sears Photo Center, a relic of days past. Amazingly we got one picture with a smile, you can imagine what we were doing behind the camera to get that.

Regular Coffee

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What is the difference between coffee and regular coffee?IMG_5586

Shuttle Atlantis STS-132

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Back in 2010 I drove down to Florida to see one of the last shuttle launches. We left on Friday night and drove straight down for a Sunday morning launch. It was (the proper use) of the word epic. We were in Titusville which is about 10 miles away from Cape Canaveral, across a bay. When we saw the launch we didn’t hear anything. About 30 seconds later you heard and felt the rumble. It made your lungs vibrate. After that we got back in the car and drove home.

There ended up being only 135 launches. Sorry for posting twice about this, that is how epic it was.

Photo Bomb

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Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

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Wow. This beer is awesome. I usually find it in the store once a year around December. My first encounter with it was at a friends house. He opened one bottle for four of us to share. It is delicious. Every once in a while I have one when I find it somewhere. I have been trying to buy it once a year when I see it (it is like $8ish a bottle) and put it away to let it age.

I had never dipped into my stash until … the other night I had a friend over and found a bottle from 2010 that I had been saving. It had been a gift from my friend (that I mentioned before) in 2012 for my 30th birthday. I can’t give it enough words of praise. It aged beautifully. It was creamy and smooth, without too much of a bite. Go buy some and put it somewhere and forget about it for 5 years. You will thank me.